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My wife and I have always taken our house rabbits to Dr. Toepke, HE is a

great DVM however upon arrival today, for our rabbit that kept sneezing

and had a runny nose, we couldn't make an appointment to see him. We

ended up with "Doctor" Phyllis L. Thies...mistake!

We have always

weighed our pet carrier with our rabbit inside. Then when we are shown

to a room, I take her out and then they go weight the carrier - some

simple subtraction and ta-da! I don't have to expose my rabbit to a

wide open waiting room filled with barking and snarling dogs where she

is naturally the prey.

This time since I weighed her beforehand I

knew she weighed 6 lbs. When the vet assistant came out to take us to

our room I plainly asked if she needed to be weighed. She said 'no'.


a half hour the assistant comes back and says that my rabbit must be

weighed. Rather than do the PREVIOUSLY acceptable system of not

exposing MY LOVED one to snarling dogs & the room filled with their

scent I had to take her out and weigh her. To this - I clearly said in

the waiting room where the scale is "This is so retarded! Look at that!

Six pounds like I said she was."

The end.

We waited 45 minutes

past our appointment and "Doctor" Phyllis L. Thies finally comes in

looking like I just killed an animal and says to me "I don't appreciate

you calling my staff names." Obviously shocked I inquired as to what

she's talking about. "Doctor" Phyllis L. Thies states "My assistant

tells me you called her a r*****. I don't need people abusing my


So naturally as anyone falsely accused would do I tell her

that her staff is misinformed. I explained how PREVIOUS weigh-in's were

acceptable and I don't like exposing my rabbit to all the dogs,

especially elderly people who don't control or hold tight to the

leashes. I told her that I stated the SITUATION was retarded.


Phyllis L. Thies re-states that it was "not tolerable" and proceeds to

stare me down. I told her again her staff isn't hearing clearly, that I

said the SITUATION was retarded and that I don't make a habit of

calling people names.

She AGAIN makes a comment that I was out of

line. Before I say anything else SHE gets frustrated and before I speak

again says to me "Would you like to see someone else?" To which I

reply "MOST DEFINITELY as I originally wished to see Dr. Toepke as he is

who has seen my rabbits before."

"Doctor" Phyllis L. Thies once again says with attitude "Good! He's right out in the hall I will go get him."


WOULD BE WONDERFUL!' I told her as she walks out. Then I hear her next

door telling Dr. Toepke that she "can't deal with me and my verbal

abuse". He knocks on the door and stands out in the hallway as if I'm

the psychopath with a menopausal rage similar to what I saw in "Doctor"

Phyllis L. Thies...

I re-explain the situation stating that I said

the SITUATION was retarded and that the staff refused to weigh my rabbit

the traditional way. He with MUCH more class states it was an

unfortunate miscommunication and without any apology or belief of my

side, HIS PAYING CUSTOMER, proceeds to professionally and dutifully take

care of my rabbit.

The one star above is for the ROTTEN

bed-side-mannered, unable to listen, RUDE, uncaring, ACCUSATORY,

"Doctor" Phyllis L. Thies - if we were living in Apocalyptic times and I

were injured severely, and IF she was the only doctor within a 100-mile

radius and I needed surgery, I'd use a filthy, dirty nail file to take

care of my own self before I let this dead-behind-the-eyes, RUDE, BRASH

and IMPUDENT social R***** near me or anything I loved.

EVERY time we

have been in there it was perfectly fine to not further STRESS my bunny

and expose her on the floor scale to a bunch of other taller animals

that view her as their supper and bark at her.

THE assistant whose

name I didn't catch - if properly trained - should have been

accommodating and offered to weigh my rabbit this way herself.

It was Dr. Toepke that suggested the 'weigh her in the carrier' on our very first visit in the first place!!!!!


rabbit is ill, and may need to return. Dr. Toepke obviously thinking I

am the problem and not his poorly trained staff pulled out his business

card and circled his name and stated that I can see him from now on for

my house-rabbit needs. Again, treating me like I was the problem. He

was who I originally tried to get the appointment with in the first

place. He neutered my male rabbit as well as put my other rabbit to

sleep, both in a kind and caring manner. Luckily for his practice he

has four other DMV's besides himself and the IMPUDENT "Doctor" Phyllis

L. Thies.

If you have a skittish animal - proceed at your own risk

of offending the all-knowing "Doctor" Phyllis L. Thies who apparently

takes all statements from her poorly trained assistant that couldn't

understand my simple and EASY request, as the gospel truth. She wasn't

there but she treated me like she witnessed a verbally abusive tirade.

I'm offended.

Review about: Rabbit Treatment.



Bwahahaha, give me a break. Should have kept your cool instead of using such an offensive word in the first place.

to Anonymous #900519

Offensive word? Perfectly good word you PC ***!

to Anonymous #900862

So you must throw that word around a lot, huh?

to Anonymous Florissant, Missouri, United States #900874

Just when dealing with epic retards - like you.

to Anonymous Spring, Texas, United States #901283

Aww, lookie the skank is mad she got called out for being a ***.

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